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Gears and Gearboxes

C-B Gear & Machine, Inc.

Quality Mission

C-B Gear and Machine is committed to providing products and services that exceed customer’s needs through on-going training and utilizing the latest in technology and innovations. This will enable us to provide continuous improvement in quality and reliability at competitive prices.

To reach our objectives, we must maintain constant focus on quality with total dedication, commitment, teamwork and belief in a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Only through satisfied customers can we achieve profitability, growth and leadership as a world class organization in our industry.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility and everyone should be encouraged to question decisions that might compromise quality. Tomorrow’s quality is our job today. A strong independent quality assurance department makes for a solid and healthy partnership with manufacturing and management.

It is by striving to meet our goal of 100% customer satisfaction that we will be able to anticipate their needs and expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service now and in the future


Product Quality

At C-B Gear and Machine, we know that quality is very important to our customers and we instill responsibility for the quality of each product in every employee. We train every employee to meet our product quality standards.

C-B Gear and Machine has two means by which we test tooth profile. Our Pfauter and M&M inspection machine allows us to test for tooth spacing, pitch, and concentricity. The Pfauter CNC grinder allows for on board checking prior to ever removing the part from the manufacturing equipment.

C-B Gear and Machine follows industry standards of product quality and is able to achieve AGMA 15 quality gearing. As a member of AGMA, C-B Gear is able to stay up to date with trends in gearing. We have access to all documentation regarding studies and standards of gearboxes. Many of our employees have been sent to AGMA gear seminars for additional training. No matter how long we've been in business, we are continually evolving to provide you the best product