Since 1952
Gears and Gearboxes

C-B Gear & Machine, Inc.


Spur, Double, and Single Helical Gears

(Max. Diameter 20 ft.)


Spur, Helical Gear Grinding

(Max. diameter 157" or 13.1')


Herringbone Gears

(Max. Diameter 6-1/2 ft.)


Straight Bevel Gears

(Max diameter 5 ft.)


Spiral Bevel Gears

(Max diameter 39 ")


Worm and Worm Gears

(Max. Diameter 100 inch plus

Worm Gear: 9 inch worm)


Internal Gears

(Max Diameter -10ft.; Max. stroke 11.8 inch)


Splines -internal, and external


Slewing Rings -70"

Gearbox Repair 

C-B Gear is a complete gearbox repair facility. We do bearing replacements to complete overhauls. We have the capability to manufacture gears when OEM parts are not available. C-B Gear will determine a cost-effective and high quality repair of your gearbox.  

Premature Failures

If your gearbox is failing before the expected life, please let us know so that we can work with you to extend its life.  We will use your information and examine the unit for items such as pitting, overload, misalignment, fatigue, and soft foot.

Upgrade Your Gearing

Recent technology (within the last 10 years) has allowed us to give our customers the full benefit of better gearing. Gear quality is normally increased on older gearboxes through the use of CNC Form grinding. Form grinding improves gear contact by allowing for tooth form modification.

custom gearboxes is our spec

Authorized Repair





Factory Trained

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